Professional Training students from San Roque know the activity of Erum Group

They visited the facilities of Erum Group in Alcoy, to see the actions in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility and the RTS system (Return to Source)

Alcoy, June 2nd, 2023.-
Antonio Lucas, Director of Communication and Institutional Relations, and Chloe Moreno, Director of RTS and Logistics, accompanied the students and made presentations on Corporate Social Responsibility and RTS, respectively.

The students who visited the Grupo Erum facilities, in the El Clérigo industrial park, are enrolled in the Intermediate Degree in Administrative Management and Microcomputer Systems and Networks and the Advanced Degree in Administration and Finance.

During the visit, the students also had the opportunity to learn about the history of the Erum family and the wide range of products and services made by the Erum Group.

The students were interested in the training requirements to work in an international company. The Director of Logistics and RTS, Chloe Moreno, a former student of the school, explained to them the importance of being willing, applying effort and, above all, studying languages.

Sell responsibly

To explain the activity in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, it is important to highlight sustainability, a concept belonging to the genetics of the Erum Group.

“It’s not a matter of selling, it’s a matter of selling responsibly” explained Antonio Lucas, who commented to the students, from Colegio San Roque, the integration of social and environmental concerns in their business operations and their relations with interlocutors in Erum Group.

In the new Sustainability of 2023, the Erum Group works in three large areas such as Environmental, Social and Governance. In the latter, in relation to the optimization of raw materials, sustainable growth according to environmental indicators, the creation of sustainable and efficient products and services, and the development of much more dynamic and transversal open innovation. All this with a clear corporate purpose and with the aim of leaving a better world for the new generations.

What is RTS

The system called Return to Source is one of the largest sustainability programs in the world. Its objective is to generate the circular flows of materials that the new society demands from companies.

The process consists of collecting 100% of the post-consumer material from the distribution centers of our clients throughout the world. It is collected in an optimized way in full trucks and sent to our sorting centers throughout Europe, America, Africa and Asia. Once there, all the collected material is classified and returned in perfect condition to the manufacturers.

This project requires a great effort, traceability and coordination with our clients, and directly contributes to reducing the carbon footprint.