If you are traveling by road this summer, we give you some tips to improve your road safety

2023 is the first year in which we can already use the V16 connected traffic light, the alternative to emergency triangles

During the months of July and August, more than 90 million long-distance journeys take place in Spain where, unfortunately, road accidents increase. 2023 is the first year in which we can already use the V16 connected traffic light, which reduces the risk of an emergency stop, especially in low light conditions, and allows us to be geolocated by the DGT to alert the rest of users. In the last three years, 42 people were killed when getting out of the vehicle due to a problem or incident on the road.

To improve circulation, and reduce the risk during our trips, from the Erum Group we want to share these tips prepared by our Road Safety team:

Plan the trip before leaving

Before going on a trip, plan the route, and avoid the moments of greatest influx of traffic. Also, be careful if you travel with children or the elderly, who may be more affected by the hottest moments. The same happens with pets. And never start a long-distance trip after your workday, tiredness and fatigue are risk factors.

Check the vehicle before leaving

It is important to carry out correct maintenance, checking tires (pressure, condition and drawing above 1.6 mm, including the spare), lighting and fluid level (oil, coolant, brakes, steering and windshield wipers). Take into account the weight you will carry when adjusting the tire pressure, always cold.

The load, well placed and secured

Do not leave loose objects in the passenger compartment, as they could be thrown in a sudden stop or impact, causing damage. The load must be properly secured.

All passengers protected with their restraint system

Whether it is a long trip or a short journey, all occupants of a vehicle must go with their restraint system, seat belt or child seats, or pet restraint systems. And on a motorcycle, always the helmet.

Drive carefully and respect the rules

Respect the safety distance, signal the change of lane or turn, drive at the allowed speed and do not manipulate the mobile. Be attentive to the state of traffic and possible situations that may arise.

Fatigue, hydration, and no rush

Rest every two hours of driving (an hour and a half if you’re on a motorcycle or at night), and when you stop, stretch and hydrate. Put an indoor temperature between 21 and 23 degrees and, at the slightest sign of sleep, stop and sleep as much as necessary. Do not set your arrival time, or assume more risk after a traffic jam, as there may be another retention.

In the event of a breakdown or incident, signal your position and protect yourself

If you have to stop your vehicle on the road, do it in a safe and risk-free place. Without getting out of the vehicle, activate the V16 connected traffic light to signal your position, and if you have to get out of the car, put on your reflective vest. Take cover behind the road protection system until help arrives.

in case of breakdown or road accident

Behind the wheel, alcohol and drugs ZERO

It doesn’t matter the route, or the amount of alcohol, or how good we look to drive. If we drink, or are under the influence of drugs, you should never, under any circumstances, drive. And we shouldn’t get into someone’s car under this situation either.

Respect the rules

Don’t take risks. Respect the rules, drive calmly and relaxed, without aggressiveness, without sudden acceleration or braking. The important thing is to arrive.

Beware of short journeys…they are the most dangerous

Once at the destination, we must not relax with short trips, often known, with few kilometers, in which we let our guard down and where, unfortunately, many serious accidents occur.