Be careful on the road in extreme temperatures

High temperatures influence driving and increase the risk of a breakdown or even an accident

With the arrival of high temperatures, road conditions can become dangerous. Extreme temperatures can affect visibility, tire grip and vehicle behavior. Therefore, it is essential to be proactive and take all necessary precautions.

In addition, in conditions of extreme temperatures, the risk of fires multiplies, therefore, prudence must be maximized. We must avoid leaving the vehicle on stubble or dry grass, since the vehicle can reach very high temperatures and cause a fire.

Remember that it is forbidden to throw objects that could cause fires onto the road, with a penalty of 500 euros (which also applies to passengers) and withdrawal of 6 points from the driver’s license. And if this behavior causes a fire, we could face a crime with prison terms.

Tips for driving on the road in extreme temperatures

To travel safely on the road in extreme temperatures, remember to wear comfortable and loose clothing, as well as keep a temperature between 21 and 23 degrees.

If you travel with children, we must take advantage of the moments of less heat and protect the sun side with protectors on the window.

We must be careful to hydrate a lot in extreme temperature conditions, taking children and pets into account if they travel with us, and make rest stops every two hours or 200 kilometres. And if you go by motorcycle, every 1.5 hours or 150 kms.

If we leave the car parked in the sun, it is advisable to open the windows to ventilate before getting into the vehicle, to avoid heat stroke, and never put the child in his seat without checking his temperature. Of course we should never leave a child alone inside the vehicle.

With extreme temperatures, breakdowns increase by up to 60%. The most frequent have to do with the cooling circuit, the water pump or the oil pump.

También con temperaturas extremas el vehículo aumentan las averías. Before leaving, you must check the condition of the vehicle, paying attention to the level of fluids, tire pressure and equipment.

On July 1, the obligation to use triangles on dual carriageways and highways was eliminated. Even so, we still see people stop on these roads for emergencies or breakdowns, but they continue to get out of the vehicle to place the triangles.

The connected V16 traffic light is the alternative to triangles

The alternative to replace the triangles is the use of the V16 traffic light connected to the DGT. This connected traffic light is an effective tool to alert other drivers to our presence and warn them of an emergency situation. In addition, with its connection to the DGT, it allows fast and accurate notification to the road authorities.

Our connected traffic light PF Led One V16, from Erum Vial, is the highest on the market, which translates into greater visibility and safety.

In Spain, the use of the connected V16 traffic light will be mandatory from January 1, 2026.

Let’s stay alert and committed, road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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