The V16 traffic light does improve Road Safety

We convey to you some relevant questions in the purchase decision of a road safety device such as the V16 traffic light.

Many users ask us about V16 traffic lights, how many types there are, and the current situation. Are they mandatory? Should I use them on highways and highways? Are they all valid? We are going to try to explain some things relevant to us, when buying a V16 beacon.

What is V16 traffic light

The V16 traffic light is a brilliant device that signals broken down vehicles on the road. There are connected ones, such as the PF Led One from Erum Vial, and non-connected ones, but from January 1, 2026, the latter will no longer be valid and we will not be able to use them.

Why are non-connected traffic lights still sold?

Non-connected traffic lights are cheaper because they don’t have the data transmission service that connected beacons include.

In a couple of years, non-connected traffic lights will not be able to be used, so our recommendation is to buy the ones that we will be able to use from 2026, connected traffic lights to communicate the location of our breakdown and notify other users through of browsers, apps or panels, alerting us of our presence.

What about emergency triangles?

Another important issue is the use of the triangle for danger pre-signaling. In July of this same year, the director of the DGT declared the end of the obligation to get out of the vehicle to place emergency triangles on high-capacity roads, due to the high risk of being run over.

What do we do if we have an emergency today?

Well, it is best to wait for assistance in a safe area, behind the road protections, and if we have the V16, signal the incident until assistance arrives.

V16 Emergency Traffic Light

If my car already has emergency lights, why do I need a traffic light?

Well, to explain it, we can give an example. In the last rains, pools of water occurred on the roads, for example, on the Madrid M-40 ring road. The engine of some vehicles that passed through the pond was covered by water, causing an electrical breakdown.

Without lights, at night, raining… the situation is complicated. And while I’m talking on the phone with assistance, how do I signal my car? That’s where the V16 comes in.


Our advice: if you are going to buy a traffic light, buy the connected traffic light. It is a small investment that will serve you for many years, and if you have a breakdown, especially at night, you will be grateful.

PF V16 led one