ITC and Erum constitute the creation of ITCErum Packaging in Morocco

The joint venture, ITCErum Packaging, is created, in which the wide range of ITC Packaging products is provided, with the production capacity and strong presence of the Erum Group in Morocco

The new ITCErum Packaging was created to offer a wide range of products for the home and food outside of Spain, adding the product offering of ITC Packaging with the international presence, and production capacity, of the Erum Group. With the constitution of the joint venture between the Erum Group and ITC Packaging, which took place yesterday in Tangier with the signing ceremony, the new company will begin its journey in Morocco with the aim of promoting a new international expansion strategy, the expansion of the product portfolio and the union of synergies between both companies.

At the signing ceremony, held in Tangier in the presence of Moroccan and Spanish authorities, Erum’s career in the country was recognized

The event was attended by the president of the Tangier, Tetouan and Al Hoceima Region, Omar Moro, the president of the CGEM North (General Confederation of Moroccan Entrepreneurs) and Co-president of the CEMAES (Spain Morocco Economic Council), Adil Rais, and the president of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tangier, José Estévez.

Moroccan industrial development

Agreement for innovation

Through this agreement signed by both companies, the new ITCErum Packaging will initially focus its efforts on the Moroccan market, manufacturing ITC Packaging’s portfolio of home and food products in the Erum Group’s factory in Tangier. This strategy will allow us to be closer to customers, optimize production and improve logistics management, reducing transportation costs, and therefore, emissions. The union of both companies will also allow the development of new, more innovative and sustainable packaging concepts, as well as joint circular economy projects in the region.

ITC packaging and Erum Group agreement

ITCErum Packaging represents a union of synergies to improve competitiveness

During the signing ceremony, Juan Manuel Erum, CEO of the ERUM Group, reviewed the presence of the corporation in the Moroccan country, a journey that began in 2003, and was consolidated in 2007, with the creation of Erum Maroc. From that moment on, the company expanded its activity to new products, entering the field of automotive component manufacturing through Novaerum Automotive. As a result of this expansion, the Erum Group expands its facilities in the TAC (Tanger Automotive City) free zone, with the incorporation of more production equipment, technology and storage space. Today, more than 700 workers at Erum Maroc, and more than 400 at Novaerum, work for the Erum Group in Morocco, to which the new ITCErum Packaging is now added.

ITC Packaging

ITC Packaging is one of Europe’s leading thin-wall plastic packaging manufacturers, producing polypropylene injection containers with IML decoration, and a blow-moulding division for PET containers. Specialized in the development of food packaging, such as ice cream, dairy or baby food, they are also present in sectors such as cosmetics and household cleaning, with products such as detergent capsule packaging. The ITC group has three production plants, more than 50 injection and 10 blow molding machines, with a turnover of 78 million euros and direct customers in more than 30 countries.

itc erum plastic packaging

Erum Group

The Erum Group is present in more than 120 markets, with management and production plants in 22 countries, and more than 3,000 employees. The corporation has plastic injection divisions (Erum Dynamic Solutions); connected road technology, such as the V16 Connected Traffic Light or the connected cone (Erum Vial); environmental consulting and waste management and treatment (ACTECO); home products (Erum Home); logistics and sustainability projects through Circular Economy (RTS), or the automotive products subsidiary (NovaErum), also participating in agrivoltaic projects.

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