Coral Erum, CEO of Grupo Erum for Asia and America, again candidate for the Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain

Coral Erum has led with vision and commitment, guiding Grupo Erum towards success and sustainable innovation in almost a hundred countries

Coral Erum, CEO for Asia and America, and CEO of Erum Group, competes in the Entrepreneurs category for the “Top 100 Women Leaders” in Spain, an organization that makes female talent visible to build a society based on equality.

About the Erum Group

The Erum Group, a leading company specialized in the sustainable injection of plastics for retail accessories globally, operates in more than a hundred countries, leading pioneering sustainability projects and promoting ecological innovation in its products. Over the last few decades it has continuously diversified into sectors such as environmental consulting, packaging, automotive, agrovoltaic technology and road safety.

Coral Erum Top 100 women leaders Spain 2023

About Coral Erum

Graduated in Business Administration and Management from the Alcoy Campus of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, in the Industrial specialty, the woman from Alcoy has a master’s degree in Senior Management and Family Government, receiving postgraduate programs in innovation of special injection techniques and new technologies.

The businesswoman is part of the fourth generation of the Erum family in charge of managing the company. For more than ten years he has led the corporation in the development of sustainable and responsible solutions, with a global approach and based on the circular economy. Through the RTS (Return To Source) business unit, during 2022 alone, more than 16,000 tons of used hangers have been classified to be reused or recycled.
For Coral Erum, “business management must be aligned with the objectives of sustainable development, environmental respect and circularity as the basis of a responsible economy.”

Currently, Coral directs the Erum Group’s operations in Asia and America, where it is very important to help empower women and promote their personal and professional development.

Her business management has received different prestigious recognitions, such as the European Award for Women Entrepreneurs in 2019, the EY 2018 Internationalization Award, the Equality Seal of the Association of Businesswomen, Professionals and Managers of Alicante, or the Award for Business Trajectory by the Chamber of Commerce 2022. She is also part of associations such as WAS (Women Action Sustainability) and holds different positions and responsibilities in associations of the sector, promoting the image of Alcoy, and the Alicante industry, inside and outside Spain.

Voting for the “Top 100 Women Leaders” began on November 8 and will continue until November 30

Voting for the “Top Women Leaders” began on November 8 and will continue until November 30. We invite everyone to join us in supporting Coral Erum by clicking the link below: https://magas.elespanol.com/lastop100/votaciones/coral-erum-gregorio/2.html

Coral Erum Top 100 women leaders Spain 2023