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AIMPLAS creates plastics with a long-lasting insecticide and repellent effect

The Technological Institute of Plastics (Aimplas) has been working with other organisations to obtain plastics and textiles with long-lasting repellent and insecticide properties that are effective against flies, mosquitoes and ants, among others.

This new development aims to maintain the integrity of these substances while they are transformed into other products to guarantee controlled, sustained release when they reach their end users.

The methodology used prevents repellents and insecticides from breaking down while the plastic is subjected to temperatures of 200ºC during transformation processes, also controlling release times and extending the life span of finished items.

The Erum group is analysing the real possibilities of applying this technique to plastic hanger manufacturing to repel moths and mites, thus adding value to its hangers.

Technicians at the company are analysing the safety of the technology to guarantee that it does not present even the slightest risk to people or to garments.

As soon as the project is viable, Erum group will send its branches production instructions, in order to develop it in each country. One of the first countries to develop this project will be India because Erum think it would be the best country to develop this items because new facility and human resources.

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