Environment Director

Oversee the management of environment activities through regular communication with Area managers, team leaders, and project managers in the HQ and in subsidiaries


  • Conduct field visits to company sites, as needed to monitor progress, provide advisory support and meet with the internal as well as with the Client requirements;
  • Review, edit and comment on project deliverables and ensure submission of quality deliverables and adherence to deadlines;
  • Draft and/or review and edit progress reports for environment projects
  • Oversee the development and dissemination of success stories and best practices from the group’s environment projects to internal and external audiences.
  • Research new business opportunities related to environment and conduct analysis to inform sales departmnent bid/no-bid decisions.
  • Participate in the preparation of technical proposals for environment projects, including leading or contributing to the development of technical design, teaming arrangements, etc.
  • Assist with monitoring and evaluating the performance of project managers; and collaborate with other program directors to facilitate linkages across the firm’s core practices.


Minimum Master’s degree in environmental management, sustainable development, biodiversity conservation, climate change, or another related field
At least 10 years of progressively responsible work experience in designing, managing, and implementing environmental programs in different countries. Experience managing teams of environment professionals to respond to complex assignments, reviewing and commenting on project deliverables, and managing short- and long-term projects.


Tool & Die Maker


Is responsible for carrying out the reparation and cleaning of the molds, checking their condition and maintenance; According with the criteria of effectiveness and efficiency, set by the Group’s strategic objectives.



    • Technical degree in Machine Production
    • French will be a plus


    • Se valorará la experiencia laboral previa en actividades similares de al menos 5 años.


    • Shift


    • Customer focus
    • Plan and Organization
    • Result oriented
    • Flexibility


    • Ocassionally.


    • Carry out, together with the operations management, a weekly planning of the molds to be used.
    • Communicate to the team, the molds that need to be prepared or to be used during the week.
    • Carry out repairs and replacement of parts, applying welding and drilling work if needed.
    • Coordinate and train the people in charge, giving instructions and distributing the work.
    • Trace the history of the molds, indicating the parts that have been made, the repairs or modifications suffered, the incidents and the place where these are located.
    • Manage the shipment of the molds to the workshop when it is not possible to carry out the reparation on site. Collect them and check the arrangements made.
    • Place the generated waste in the correct place for its recycling.
    • Carry out and manage the purchase of the necessary spare parts
    • Manage the budgets created for the reparation, modification and mold production.
    • Prepares and manages the molds of other production units.
    • Manage the correct transportation of the molds, by applying the adequate fixation, so accidents during the transfers could be avoided.
    • Follow up the guidelines set by the company in terms of good practices and environment.
    • Keep your workplace neat and clean.
    • Act in the event of an environmental emergency as described in the Management system documentation.
    • Correct segregation of the waste generated in the workplace and control of waste storage.



    • Site Manager


    • Site Manager: Prepare molds
    • Management staff: Coordination, Subsidiaries, Directors.


    • Mold Siuppliers: Reparations as well as new molds.
    • Product Supplier: Stock.


    • Decision Making
    • Analisys
    • Innovation
    • Problem Solving
    • Team work




The efforts of the whole team to empathize with the client: Family is the entire set of

people within ERUM group, not just those with the last name, but all who struggle to

understand customers and help them reach their objectives.


We look at other sectors; It´s all about looking outside the box, leaving our comfort

zone to connect reality with the wishes of our clients. The desire to improve is nothing more

than the search for our own limits and the need to overtake them, day by day.


Balance in the world; Erum brings harmony to society by returning the benefits it

derives from it, contributing to environmental sustainability and collaborating in improving the

well-being of the countries where it carries out its activities


We interpret the future; The passion runs through our veins so we could anticipate the trends taking place in the world in which we live and embark into a journey, to the unknown. This brings us the resilience to keep on taking challenges.


Balance in the world; Erum brings harmony to society by returning the benefits it derives from it, contributing to environmental sustainability and collaborating in improving the well-being of the countries where it carries out its activities.

Erum Health

2018 /  

Erum Corporation is consolidated, and Erum Health is born to offer total and customized product solutions in the cosmetic sector.

Erum Packaging

2010 /  

Erum Packaging division establishment: for the manufacture of polybags and cardboard or plastic packaging for the retail sector.


2008 /  

NovaErum is established. A company with a new parallel activity focused o the production of technical parts for the automotive sector.

Fourth generation

2008 /  

The fourth generation joined the executive positions, bringing together three generations. This help to consolidate and open the internationalization process of the group by leaps and bounds, betting again on diversification based on the theory of union by synergies (market) and by client symbiosis (activity), with the aim of offering similarity of opportunities regardless of the country and culture. And it is possible thanks to the pattern of behaviour of the evolutionary/repetitive model of developing countries.


1993 /  

Acteco results from the commitment to rigorous policies on environmental issues. An environmental division of the group, with the aim of reducing and diminishing impacts. It covers advisory services, waste collection and transport, as well as storage, conditioning and recycling for recovery under the principles of the 3 Rs.

Third generation

1970/75 / 2008

A disruptive change in the strategy took place with the incorporation of the third generation to the company, derived from the mixture of knowledge and experience, which leads to the constitution of Erum’s activity as a mono-product company destined to the production of accessories for clothing. In constant search for our brand value, being able to show to the world the essence of our DNA in an internationalization process.

International Maintenance Technician


  • Read blueprints, schematics, and diagrams to determine the method and sequence of assembly of a part, machine, or piece of equipment.
  • Verify dimensions of parts, using precision measuring instruments, to ensure that specifications are met.
  • Operate plastic injection machines to make housings, fittings, and fixtures
  • Inspect parts for surface defects.
  • Repair and calibrate hydraulic and pneumatic assemblies.
  • Test the performance of electro-mechanical assemblies, using test instruments.
  • Install electronic parts and hardware, using soldering equipment and hand tools.
  • Operate, test, or maintain robotic equipment as well as the machinery set up.
  • Analyze and record test results, and prepare written documentation.


Ideally Entry level education; Associate’s degree programs and postsecondary certificates in scientific or engineering subject but equivalent experience considered

Expansion and diversification

1970 / 1980

The company continued its expansion by exploring technology and new materials through product diversification. It has enabled us to widen the range of articles: from blinds, complements and accessories for different companies dedicated to the home sector, clothing, road signs, civil security, food and toys. From helmets, MBQ canteens for the peacekeeping force, to the revolution of skateboards and famous hoops known as Hula-Hop.