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In 2010, Spain consumed a total of 2,840,000 tons of plastic, generating 2,206,000 tons of waste, 516,000 tons (or 23.37%) of which was recycled.

These figures were taken from the Plastic Consumption, Waste and Recycling Statistics study conducted by TLP Consulting for Cicloplast and are backed by the Spanish Association of Plastic Recyclers (ANERPA).

Of the 516,000 tons of the plastic recycled in Spain in 2010, 29.16% comprised containers and packages; 28.13% was used in the field of agriculture; 10.90% in assorted applications; 8.30% in the automobile industry; 6.37‎% in electricity, electronics and electrical appliances and the remaining 5.70% by the construction sector.

Where does all this recycled plastic finish up? Well, in 2010, 27.45% stayed within the autonomous region; 63.29% went to other parts of Spain; 6.20% to the European Union and 3.06% to the rest of the world.

Most of the plastic recycled in Spain was used to make pipes (35.60% of the total); industrial components (27.32%); sheeting and other bags (16.47%); others such as coat hangers, footwear and street furniture (15.17%); bottles and drums (3.54%) and household items (1.91%).

Erum Group has been committed to the environment ever since it was created and is a pioneer in the field of plastics and other materials recovery and recycling in Europe. It also provides a service whereby it collects hangers and other plastic waste from customers for recycling.