Meet our country Manager at Erum Maroc

Arriving in a new country is a real adventure and the internationalization of Erum Group has been key in recent years. For this, the figure of the Country Manager is fundamental, that is why we want to introduce you to Jose Carlos Mulero, Country Manager of Erum Maroc. He represents Erum in Morocco and knows in depth the local markets that our group targets.

Erum Packaging manages to revalue more than 850,000 boxes

Did you know that packaging is one of the materials that generates the most waste and has the highest environmental cost to obtain it? A good waste management system is key to minimizing its impact. For every ton of recycled cardboard we save 140 liters of oil, 50,000 liters of water and 900 kilos of carbon dioxide; compared to a cardboard obtained in a traditional way. For this reason, from our Erum Packaging division we have been working on the recycling and reuse of cardboard and related packaging elements, such as paper or packaging film for more than a decade.

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Erum promotes the circular economy of the retail sector with its international RTS project

AThrough our RTS (Return to Source) project we managed to reuse our hangers more than 40 times, achieving in the past year 2020 revalue a total of 660 million hangers and thus contributing to the reduction of waste on a large scale. Corresponsables, a leading publication on sustainability and the environment, has published an article about our project. You can access the complete news through this link.  

Erum Vial launches the new beacon that replaces the emergency triangles

As we already told you a few months ago, our Erum Vial division has created a new luminous beacon that will replace the emergency triangles, betting on the safety of both drivers and passengers. Reducing the risk of accidents. Some media such as: MovilidadHoy, Notimerica or Europapress have echoed our new launch. We leave you the link to one of the news:
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Did you know that plastic caps can save lives and protect the planet?

Try to keep all the plastic caps you can and deposit them in specific containers that you will find in schools, sports centers or health centers, among others. Together we will be collaborating on projects with social purposes! Like the one we carry out from Erum, through Acteco and in collaboration with the Seur Foundation “Caps for a new life”. With it they have managed to raise funds to help families with children with serious health problems, and to correctly recycle thousands of tons of plastic caps, avoiding the emission of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Erum sponsor of the international textil trade MIM show

We have great news to share with you. Through our delegation Erum Group Maroc we have signed an agreement with the AMITH (Moroccan Association of Textile and Clothing Industries) to be an official sponsor of the international textile fair MIM (Maroc in Mode) in its 18th edition, which is held on next November.

We could not miss this meeting in which all the links of the textile chain participate worldwide. Furthermore, this year, in which the show will bear the “Dayem” seal (sustainable in Arabic), prioritizing sustainability in all its aspects, social, environmental and economic.

We wait for you!

Erum Values

Familiar, curious, harmonious, visionary and ingenious, that’s how we are at Erum Group. We know that values are not defined by our words, but by our actions and therefore, every day we work to materialize them. For example, betting on innovation and technology in our production processes, anticipating the needs of our clients and society, or investigating the use of new sustainable materials. All this, to guarantee the best possible future for the new generations 🌏 #GrupoErum #Erum #weREerum #weREplastic #ValoresErum #SustainableBrands #SostenibilidadAmbiental

We renew the 14001 certification

Today at Erum Group we are taking another step towards a more sustainable future, consolidating our commitment to the environment and the fight against climate change. This time, through the renewal of our ISO 14001 certificate (which, by the way, we obtained more than 15 years ago!). Do you know this certificate? It is the most internationally recognized standard in the field of environmental management and represents recognition of the work carried out by many areas of the company, for rigorous compliance with environmental regulations. This certification also promotes excellence in key aspects for us, such as the circular economy, the minimization of environmental impacts, the recovery of waste and sustainable logistics, among others. At Erum Group we strive to leave a better future, because that is our way of doing things..

Erum in the circular project of recycled hangers by Adolfo DomĂ­nguez

Did you know that from Erum Group we are part of Adolfo DomĂ­nguez’s project based on circular economy of recycled hangers? Through this initiative, we have already recycled the first 15,000 hangers, which the fashion brand will begin to reuse in its 342 stores in more than 15 countries.

This project aims to transform each hanger used into a recycled and recyclable hanger, to achieve zero waste generation. From Erum we produce all these hangers by sustainable injection, through a process that turns the hangers into recyclable material made of wood and polymer.
We invite you to read the complete news in this  link.

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you know our sustainable packaging projects?

The sustainability of packaging is in fashion, and at Erum Group we are aware of it. In the interview that El Mercantil conducted with Juan Manuel Erum, our executive director, he spoke about the “Green To pack” project in which we participated together with Inditex, do you know him? Through this we establish quality standards in our boxes and packaging, thus extending their useful life and subsequent recycling.

We leave you the link of the interview:

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