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Continuing with the international expansion process started in the mid-1990s, Erum Group has recently opened a new sales office in Bogotá, from where it will provide a service to all clients based in this geographical area.

The company’s management team is optimistic that the strategic location of this new trade office will lead to a greater volume of business in the Latin American market, thereby strengthening the Group’s drive to increase sales on this continent.

The new Erum Group offices have been up and running since April and are based in office space 901 in ‘La Equidad’ tower block, Carrera 9A, N°99-07, Bogotá.



Piezas plastico automocion erum

Novatec, a company that manufactures automotive components by injection, was formed 12 years ago with the intention of working in the very competitive automobile industry. In spite of its size, Náquera has become an established supplier of highly complex parts, such as double injection petrol refuelling intakes as well as light guides and filters for opticals, manufacturing for automotive suppliers such as Valeo and Hella.

But that is not all. The Valencia-based company has installed two plants outside Spain, the latter of these in Mexico in collaboration with a local partner, which opened last year.

This company also has a plant in Tangiers (Morocco), in this case with another regional plastic manufacturer, Erum group, Alcoy’s traditional hanger manufacturer. Together they created Novaerum, which started production in 2011.

This is not the only alliance between the automotive company and the Alcoy manufacturer. In fact, in order to meet demand from the automotive industry, Novatec carried out some of its less complex production operations at Erum in Alcoy. This is advantageous to Erum, given that due to lower costs in Asia and the presence of the main textile distributors and manufacturers in these companies, a large proportion of traditional production has been relocated to this part of the world. Novatec’s components therefore help to keep the production lines running.

PLASTICOS ERUM expands its activities in India with COFIDES funding

Madrid, December 21, 2012. COFIDES funds the purchase of a facility in India that will allow PLASTICS ERUM strengthen its presence in Asia. COFIDES provides this funding through the Fund for Overseas Investment for Small and Medium Enterprises (FONPYME), managed exclusively for the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness via the Secretariat of Commerce.

By Cofides has signed its CEO, Luis de Fuentes and the director of internal audit and control quality, Luis M ª Victoria. By PLASTIC ERUM has signed its administrator, Juan Manuel Erum.

After signing the agreement, the CEO of COFIDES, Luis Fuentes, said that “PLASTIC ERUM has a strong international presence and is an example for others SMEs wich starts its internationalization “. Also pointed out that “this project responds to the goals we have set for supporting the internationalization of SMEs”, because “companies that open new markets grow and become stronger its headquarters in Spain.”

PLASTICOS ERUM´s administrator commented that “since 1998 the Group has always been committed with the internationalization of the company and has based on that fact its growth plans.”


New horizons open for Erum group, as in its strategic Plan for 2012 in order to gain proximity and give better service to its clients, opens a new office in Dubai, which joins the ones the group already has in Asia.

The opening of this commercial office, added to the distributing network allows them to guarantee a better service and confirms Erum Group as one of the leaders of this sector, backed up by years of experience, innovation and good practice.

The new address of this branch is:
Suite 633, Business Village Dubai, UAE
phone  902 33 08 17
email :   erum.middleeast@/wp-content/uploads/