Charity match between Plásticos Erum and Acteco

Charity match between Plásticos Erum and Acteco

Workers from Plásticos Erum and Acteco got together for a charitable football match last Saturday in Concentaina.

The event was one of the activities scheduled by Plásticos Erum as part of its 75th anniversary celebrations and to raise awareness and spread the word about both companies’ social projects.

Acteco is behind a campaign to collect plastic bottle caps for charitable purposes that has spread all over Spain and has become increasingly popular. This initiative involves collecting bottle caps to pay for medical costs for disadvantaged children which are not covered by the Social Security.

The caps are recycled and converted into tiny plastic pellets, which are then used as a raw material for making different products, among which are the hangers manufactured by Plásticos Erum.

At the end of the match, the company treated all the players to lunch.