Ethical and Social channel

What is the Ethical and Social Channel?

At Erum Group we work to offer the best service in an optimal work environment, and always under a strict code of fair and goods ethics and social conduct. For this reason, we have created the Ethical and social Channel.
The purpose of this channel is to detect conduct contrary to the law, principles or ethical and good governance rules of the Company, for which we encourage employees, customers, suppliers or any person who has contact with our services to notify us of such incidents. .
If your communication is related to Grupo Erum or with the people or activities carried out by Grupo Erum, you can communicate it through the Ethical and social Channel of the website or by email.

How to send a communication?

You can then include all the details about the issue that concerns you. Try to be as specific as you can about names or departments, people, documents, policies, places, dates, times, etc. For access, you must previously accept the Privacy Policy.
The channel guarantees the confidentiality of communications at all times, you can provide your identification and contact information to facilitate the resolution of the incident or, if you prefer, you can also make the communication anonymously. You have the possibility of monitoring your incident and continuing communications with the channel manager, generating a password for access.
You can attach documents to the communication. Please make sure that all personal information has been removed from the attached documents to preserve your identity, if you wish.

Good use of the channel

It is important to remember that the Ethics and social Channel only manages communications related to conducts that contravene the Erum Group Code of Ethics, social and Conduct. For other questions or queries, please go to the authorized customer or employee service channels.
To avoid bad practices in the use of the channel, precise criteria will be applied to admit the communications and with the requirement of civil, criminal and administrative responsibility of the people who communicate facts with abuse of rights or violating the principle of good faith.
Thank you so much.