A trajectory of innovation

Which began with the objective of exploring the society’s concerns, questioning the established and leaving the legacy of our adventure. Maintaining that vision, we have known how to innovate and adapt to the needs of society over the years, always respecting the values with which the company was founded: proximity and excellence. From our history we would like to highlight the evolutionary model that makes and has made Erum a unique company in its sector.

  • Emilio Erum Verdú
    1940 / 1950 Emilio Erum Verdú Mr. Emilio Erum Verdú began his first business activity by manually manufacturing cardboard tubes for making mosquito net curtains.
  • 2nd generation
    1950 / 1960 His son, Mr. Emilio Erum Candela, took up the activity of the company, known commercially as EMILIO ERUM. That is when the first change in the business model began, betting on plastic injection for manufacturing the thread used in fishing and agriculture nets.
  • Expansion and diversification
    1970 / 1980 The company continued its expansion by exploring technology and new materials through product diversification. It has enabled us to widen the range of articles: from blinds, complements and accessories for different companies dedicated to the home sector, clothing, road signs, civil security, food and toys. From helmets, MBQ canteens for the peacekeeping force, to the revolution of skateboards and famous hoops known as Hula-Hop.
  • 3rd Generation
    1980 / 1990 A disruptive change in the strategy took place with the incorporation of the third generation to the company, derived from the mixture of knowledge and experience, which leads to the constitution of Erum’s activity as a mono-product company destined to the production of accessories for clothing. In constant search for our brand value, being able to show to the world the essence of our DNA in an internationalization process.
  • Acteco
    1990 / 2000 Acteco results from the commitment to rigorous policies on environmental issues. An environmental division of the group, with the aim of reducing and diminishing impacts. It covers advisory services, waste collection and transport, as well as storage, conditioning and recycling for recovery under the principles of the 3 Rs.
  • 4th Generation
    2006 / 2007 The fourth generation joined the executive positions, bringing together three generations. This help to consolidate and open the internationalization process of the group by leaps and bounds, betting again on diversification based on the theory of union by synergies (market) and by client symbiosis (activity), with the aim of offering similarity of opportunities regardless of the country and culture. And it is possible thanks to the pattern of behaviour of the evolutionary/repetitive model of developing countries.
  • NovaErum
    2007 / 2008 NovaErum is established. A company with a new parallel activity focused o the production of technical parts for the automotive sector.
  • Erum Packaging
    2019 / 2010 Erum Packaging division establishment: for the manufacture of polybags and cardboard or plastic packaging for the retail sector.
  • Erum Health
    2018 / 2020 Erum Corporation is consolidated, and Erum Health is born to offer total and customized product solutions in the cosmetic sector.