Circular and collaborative economy, a new reality?

Circular and collaborative economy, a new reality?

It probably will not be the first time you’ve heard of “Circular Economy.” In recent times it has become a current topic, increasingly recurring on social media, opinion articles and media debates. Although it may seem something new, the reality is that the first references to this concept already appeared in the 80s, in order to describe a closed system, of interactions between economy and environment.

The circular economy is the meeting point between environmental, economic, and social aspects. It is a model based on the generation of wealth without the abuse of raw materials, using scarce resources efficiently and, limiting energy consumption.

Climate change, resource shortage and social differences have been making a mark on the population, transforming us into a more aware and responsible society, reflecting on our daily actions. Actions that gradually push us inevitably towards a collaborative economy.

Companies as leaders of change

It is a disruptive, sustainable, and cooperative business model, which breaks with the urgent need to own goods and is based on having access to them. Always with the aim of meeting a specific need, for a certain period of time.

The community and collaboration between people have an undeniable weight, but it is of no use if companies do not lead and accompany society in this great transformation towards a new reality, which today seems unstoppable. Companies play a key role in communicating and raising awareness, not only within their organizations, but as an example to follow for their target audience and society in general.

Although today, it is just a simple trend for some, many companies around the world have been betting and leading projects based on this new economic model for years. A model whose main resource is limitless:  innovation. Innovation in the design, treatment and recovery of the goods produced.  Being aware that the only possible future goes through sustainable and sensitive production with the world around us.

Only time will tell if that sector still reluctant to change, ends up taking the definitive step towards this model, making it a new and unique reality. A reality of new limitless resources and beneficial for the whole planet.