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The ‘EPS-FISH’ project to recycle expanded polystyrene waste from fresh fish packaging recently gave some good results. This project was carried out by Acteco with help from Aimplas (Plastic Technology Institute).

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is used all over the world to manufacture crates for fresh fish and other produce.

While 90% of the EPS in industrial boxes is recycled, only 10% of fish boxes are recycled and the remaining 90% is discarded. The problem is that after two recycling cycles, EPS from these fish crates is not acceptable to customers because of the fishy odour.

EPS is not a most suitable plastic waste for converting into energy (2% of the volume is plastic and 98% is air) and this project is used to create a high quality, odourless recycled material, reducing the volatiles generated when recycling EPS from fish crates.

The recycled material is used to manufacture pressed insulation boards for the construction industry, as well as purified PS for manufacturing ballpoint pens, hangers, boxes…


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