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In July, Erum group will be at Colombia Fashion Week 2014 in MedellĂ­n (Colombia). The event is considered Latin America’s most powerful commercial exhibition of its kind. With an extensive offer, more than 1,700 international companies and more than 6,000 national companies take part in this trade show.

As usual at this type of event, Erum group representatives hope to find opportunities for strengthening the international mission through alliances, franchises, licences and joint ventures at this meeting place for entrepreneurs and investors from the garment and fashion industries.

The company is taking full advantage of the contacts established to develop its strategy based on a model of growth that will expand the company brand and its products in the countries where it does business.

This year’s edition was full of innovation and creativity, under the concept of “Transcending limits”, demonstrating that associative practices and organised work are key to establishing common objectives from competitiveness, sustainability and innovation.

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