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Fornituras, a magazine that publishes information about textiles, machinery and accessories for the garment industry, included an article about the Erum Group in its March issue:

“Erum Group is currently one of the best known, most prestigious manufacturers of hangers and accessories for fashion product display and sales. Its integral production system controls the entire process: Design, production, shipment, storage and in-store presentation, with thorough product quality control and personal service. The firm has an impressive catalogue of products which covers all types of models and accessories, which are available in a range of materials (plastic, wood, metal and fabric), shapes and sizes, as well as accessories such as size indicators, belt and tie hangers, etc. They have specific catalogues such as Baby, Basic Wood, Basic Metal, Basic Plastic, Window Dressing, Mannequins and Eline, among others. Particularly interesting is their line of environmentally friendly products, a wide range of attractive hangers which is kind to the environment because it uses recycled materials created with biomass, paper and cardboard, pieces of plastic, etc…”

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