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3D printing has been a major revolution for the design sector and has gradually been spreading to other markets such as car manufacturing, the aerospace industry, medicine and now the construction industry and architecture.

Plásticos Erum, following its policy of continuous investment in research and development, has acquired a rapid prototype printer; improving its commitment to clients and reducing response times still further by being able to produce conceptual items for carrying out studies involving ergonomics, visual analysis, shape and function optimisation tests, engineering assessment and functional trials.

The Erum Group’s aim is to push the limits of current technology and, as an innovative company, to put tools into the hands of its creative staff, producing tangible items quickly that enable clients to touch, feel and assess their design.

Parallel to this investment, Plásticos Erum is keeping a close watch on other projects for obtaining materials from domestic waste to supply 3D printers, an environmentally friendly approach that promises to significantly lower the cost of printing materials and lead to a better and more sustainable society.


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