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Design, technology and industry have been working together for years, changing development tasks in companies. Acquiring new abilities and strengthening other skills is essential if companies are to increase their market value and have more possibilities of attaining success.

The Erum group has reinvented itself and evolved in this aspect in recent years, and parallel to this advance in knowledge and technology, it has been working in the community with design and engineering students, sharing this knowledge and making the opportune techniques available to them to advise them on non-profit projects related to the courses they are studied.

The company is mainly involved in providing information and advice to students, which may involve choosing materials and manufacturing processes, costs, prototyping and testing. It does all this internally using qualified staff from the Erum group, and external figures in collaboration with Technology Institutes (AIMPLAS, AIJU, ITENE, AIDIMA…).

The result of this cooperation is that students have the necessary means to be able to complement their educational projects, including, sometimes, the possibility get work experience in companies through agreements with schools and Universities.


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