The awards ceremony for the third edition of the “Don Emilio Erum Design Awards” took place on 11 April to recognise innovative design at the Art and Design School in Alcoy (Escola d’Art I Superior de Disseny d’Alcoi).

The winner of the competition was Adriá Cano, with his hanger project entitled “Tàcit”. According to the jury, the hanger “is the easiest to make, it more marketable and possibly the one that will do best in terms of sales”.

Second prize went to Ana Cuesta for her design “Muskel”. The director of the Family Business Association (Asociación de la Empresa Familiar (AEFA)), Juan José Castón said that “the energy that lead to this design, the development and the designer’s enthusiasm and humanity are all reflected in the object”.

Third prize went to “Draft 180” by Emilio Francés. The jury admired his “design and economic and industrial viability, which need not be at odds, because good design also means good aesthetics combined with functionality”.

Emilio Erum, manager of the Erum Group, gave an economic contribution to director of the Art School Vicent Martí to help to pay for materials and activities at the school.

The awards ceremony was attended by Manuel Gomicia, councillor for Business, Training and Innovation; Blanca Erum, assistant manager of the company; Juan Manuel Erum and Emilio Erum, managers of the Erum Group; Vicent Martí, head of the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny d’Alcoi; Enrique Benavent from the Design and Injection department at AIMPLAS, together with members of the jury.

The jury for the prizes was made up of Miguel Verdú; Serafín García, from the Design and Injection department at AIMPLAS; Juan José Castón, Manager of the Family Business Association (AEFA), Francisco Guerrero and José Joaquín Roldán, teachers at the Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny d’Alcoi