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The newspaper ‘Información’ has published an article about some new arrows that the company Plasticos Erum has manufactured to celebrate the “Aparición”, the closing event of the trilogy of festivals organised in Alcoy in honour of San Jorge (St George).

The old arrow design was almost 50 years old and the mould used to manufacture it was damaged and in a poor condition, which is why it decided to make a new one.

The San Jorge Association decided to make the most of this opportunity and create an updated design, based on the arrow on the statue of the saint in the San Jorge church. The sketch put forward by I Carbonell was subsequently redesigned by Erum Group technicians to make the idea technically feasible.

The 20,000 arrows that will be launched from the battlements of the castle in 2013 were manufactured. They will be launched by David Giner, the child responsible for playing “Sant Jordiet”. Below the fortress, crowds wait patiently to get one of these arrows as a souvenir or to add to their collection of arrows from previous years.

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