Harmony of the Spheres

Harmony of the Spheres

Christmas is coming, which is why Erum would like to remind you of the products available from our decoration and window dressing division.

The shop window is a natural continuation of a boutique, but it is also another place to decorate. This is where you set up your seasonal displays; an opportunity to make direct contact with the public, where you can develop your marvellous passion for design. The ideal observation point and a powerful communication tool. A place for sending messages, sharing moods and opinions.

You can’t sell without an image. This is an opportunity to add value to attract customers.

That’s why Erum offers traders, wholesalers, retailers, decorators and window dressers a wide range of colourful decorations in various sizes and with impeccable finishes: smooth, flocked, metallic matt or gloss, etc. Combine them for an elegant effect in your store or shop window.

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