AIJU is working to develop new masterbatch formulations with almond shells to enable it to launch innovative, high performance, sustainable products on the market that are also more economically viable.

This new project is developing new colour concentrations by combining natural agricultural waste with different thermoplastics. The aim is to obtain very high value added masterbatches for the market which, because of their extremely innovative nature, have no competitors.

Erum group technicians want to develop the product for inclusion in the company’s line of elite ecological hangers.

Almost 80% of injected plastic products contain colorants and other additives in their formulations for both aesthetic and functional reasons. This is the most widespread method of colouring and modifying the properties of plastics that need to be compatible with the polymer matrix in which they are incorporated.

That’s why the company IQAP, with support from AIJU, is carrying out this project to develop totally innovative masterbatches containing natural waste products like almond shells in their composition.

The project, funded by the CDTI as part of the Research and Development projects programme co-funded with FEDER funds, requires high-level innovation and technology and will contribute to mid-term sustainability and drive competitiveness in the injection sector in general.