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The Erum Group is keeping a close eye on a new project in which the Plastic Technology Institute (Instituto Tecnológico de Plástico) is taking part, whose objective is to introduce innovative technology (molecular self-assembly, SAM) to plastic processing to avoid the use of hexavalent chromium. The idea behind the project is to achieve safer processes by being kinder to the environment while reducing economic and energy costs.

Current metal coating processes involve the use of dangerous substances such as chrome (VI) and palladium/tin. By eliminating workers’ exposure to such products, the cost of safety measures at industrials plants can be considerably reduced. What’s more, because the process involves fewer steps, less aqueous and chemical waste is produced and energy consumption is reduced, along with CO2 emissions.

This two-year initiative aims to provide an alternative to the materials currently used in the motor vehicle, domestic appliance and sanitary ware sectors, which are the main consumers of these types of items with a metallic appearance.

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