Novaerum was present at the first Automotive Show in Tanger

Novaerum was present at the first Automotive Show in Tanger

From 23 to 25 April, the AMICA, Morocco’s automotive industry and trade association, held the first Automotive Industry Subcontracting Show with the intention of generating new opportunities for purchasing managers and suppliers.

AutoRevista, the professional publication which thematically informs about automotive industry, published an article about Erum Group, who was present in this Show:

Erum Group, which is majority Spanish-owned and is well known for one of its leading products — clothes hangers — has been making plastic parts in Morocco since 2006. José Carlos Mulero, Managing Director of Erum Grup Maroc, explained, “In 2010 we decided to set up a joint venture with Valencian group Novatec. This gave rise to Novaerum, which makes injected thermoplastic parts in Tangier. Our injection presses range in capacity from 300 to 1,200 tonnes and we make a huge variety of thermoplastic components for clients like Lear and Valeo, with which we work as a tier-two supplier.”

Mr Mulero then pointed out, “Renault generates a big business in this country. A second automaker will arrive eventually, which for a country like Morocco will be a great achievement. The authorities are doing a good job here and are keeping the country on the major multinationals’ radar. A lot of that is down to the drive and commitment shown by King Mohammed VI, who has great vision. Morocco has improved enormously since the 1990s.”

Based in Tetuan, on an industrial park, “Our expertise in plastic injection has allowed us to adapt to the automotive sector’s demands and we plan to keep expanding that side of our business.” Mr Mulero highlighted, “Skills levels among professionals are rising and they are keen to improve. In our experience, the best approach is to employ local managers and operators.”