The C30 is a curved plastic hanger, its style comes from the most traditional tailoring and allows an excellent presentation of blazers, jackets and coats making these garments stand out in a special way.

The C30 hanger can be excellently adapted to your needs by the wide variety of sizes in which it is available.

Length (mm)Width (mm)

Great versatility

Of all the tailoring hangers, it could be said that the thickness of the arms of the C30 model is the most moderate, which allows to show the garments without over doing it and also makes it an ideal hanger both to show men’s and lady’s garments in the most attractive way possible.

When looking at the C30 model, it is clear that its arms are shaped which allows it to offer excellent support to the garments. In addition, by adding this characteristic to the general curved shape you get a hanger that presents garments in a natural way.

The C30 has an area specially designed to place a label that will allow you to customize your hangers to the maximum as it will make it easier for you to include the desired graphic elements on them, but if you would still like to customize your hangers more to fit your establishment perfectly, with this model you can do so as it has a wide variety of colours and finishes.

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