The CRF092BG has been designed to favour the presentation of batches of two garments allowing both to stand out and be perfectly visible at any time, which it achieves thanks to its double arm at different heights.

The CRF092BG model aims to support a wide variety of garments presenting all of them in the most attractive way possible, for which it also needs to be very versatile, which favours that it is available in various sizes.

Length (mm)Width (mm)

Support is not forced

At the time of designing the CRF092BG model, it was intended to respond to two main ideas. On one hand, it was intended to be able to present two garments on the same hanger and that they were always kept together and, on the other hand, it was intended that it would achieve this by optimizing the available space to the maximum, which it achieves thanks to being a fairly narrow hanger and having the two arms located on the same plane, so it presents two garments in the space of one hanger.

Among the wide variety of garments that the CRF092BG can present are shirts, hoodies, jackets, pyjamas, dresses or T-shirts and, to be optimally displayed, each of them has specific needs, but all of them agree that a straight plastic hanger can offer them the ideal support, and that is what this model is.

Those garments that require the hanger to adapt to its shapes and allow them to rest comfortably on it without forcing the fabric to adapt to strange shapes, find in the CRF092BG model the ideal companion because of the softness of its structure, since there is no angled or hard part on its body.

On the other hand, garments with straps require a firmer and more stable support, which the CRF092BG offers thanks to the notches integrated on the top of its arms. In addition, within this type of garment there is also a great variety since each can have a different strap width, but this model is prepared for this as its notches are especially long so that any width strap can rest comfortably on them.

The CRF092BG has as its essential characteristic, versatility, which it takes everywhere, making it possible to adapt perfectly to the establishment as it is able to be chosen in a wide variety of colours. In addition, to allow absolute integration to its environment, a logo, or any other graphic element, can be printed in the area specially intended for this purpose on the neck of the hanger.