The CRF09P3BG was designed to respond to the need to be able to present batches of three garments and keeping them together, protecting the integrity of the pack and also optimizing the space available in the establishment. Thanks to the solution achieved, both requirements were answered, but it was also decided to provide more added value by placing the arms in such a way that all the garments presented on it were always visible.

The thorough design study of the CRF09P3BG went further and, therefore, it was decided to create it in a single size that would be able to respond to a wide variety of needs.

Length (mm)Width (mm)

Functionality as a reason for being

When touring the CRF09P3BG you can clearly see that it is a hanger with a fluid design and very soft and continuous shapes. This uniformity is not broken by the notches that it includes on the top of its arms to allow optimal support strap garments, since they integrate perfectly into the body of the hanger.

The notches on the arms of the CRF09P3BG model also stand out for being especially long, which is perfect to present garments with a variety of widths in their shoulder straps since they are able to to be shown in the most desirable way by having enough space for all types of straps without any being forced.

The great versatility of the CRF09P3BG model makes it ideal for supporting and presenting in a very attractive way a wide range of garments ranging from shirts to hoodies to jackets, pyjamas, dresses or T-shirts.

The CRF09P3BG model does not just meet any need in terms of the presentation of the garments, but also covers those related to the image that it must give in the establishment in which it is located by offering the possibility of being chosen in different colours and, thanks to the amplitude of the neck area, also allows the logo, or any other graphic element, to be printed on it.

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