The model I22m is a straight plastic hanger with clips, which makes it an ideal hanger to present skirts on since this type of hanger is what is used to show this type of garment in the most attractive way.

The I22m allows the clips to slide along it to fit the garment you want to place on this hanger, but also to allow the hanger and garment to fit perfectly, this model is available in several sizes.

Length (mm)Width (mm)

Gentle pressure

For a skirt hanger to perform its function of attractively presenting this type of garment depends, to a large extent, on the clips with which it holds them. The I22m allows you to choose these clips between two models, but it is important to note that both are padded with a soft rubber that, in addition to ensuring excellent support of the garments, prevents the most delicate garments from being damaged.

The I22m model has, as a distinctive feature, a belt holder attached to the lower part of its body, which allows to present together belts and skirts, so that you can show the perfect complement for each skirt on a single hanger.

The I22m model allows to be fully adapted to the establishment in which it is located since it can be chosen in the colour that best suits the environment and, in addition, allows the establishments logo or any other graphic element to be added to it thanks to the area specially dedicated to this purpose.

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