The I22p is a straight plastic hanger with clips that can slide along the hanger to allow them to fit perfectly to the width of your garments and has been specially designed to present skirts on it so that they are very attractive.

In addition to the possibility to adjust the clips to the garments that you want to show on the I22p model, this hanger can also be chosen in different sizes, so that its adaptation to the garment is maximum.

Length (mm)Width (mm)

Delicate and firm

On skirt hangers it is especially important that your clips fit perfectly to your needs and, to achieve this, the I22p model allows you to choose between two different models of clip. Both models offer optimal support for the garments presented on them, but also thanks to the soft rubber with which they are padded, the security that their garments will not slip and fall is accompanied by that their garments will not be damaged, even those made of delicate fabrics.

One of the most notable features of the I22p model is its plastic hook that makes the hanger built in one piece, making it especially resistant and continuous.

On the other hand, you can appreciate the belt holder that it has at the bottom that allows to present skirts combined with this complement.

To allow your skirt hangers to fully suit your desires and needs, the I22p can be chosen in different colours, so that it can be adjusted to the aesthetics of your establishment, but is also able to become an ambassador of your brand thanks to the area specially intended on its neck to include your logo or any other graphic element you want.

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