Among the skirt hangers that Erum can offer you is the PF model, which can be defined as a straight plastic hanger with clips specially designed to hold this type of garment and present them in the most attractive way possible.

To make it easier for the PF model to meet your needs perfectly, it has been designed in a wide variety of sizes.

Length (mm)Width (mm)

Adapting to circumstances

Precisely this wide variety of sizes makes the PF model what you could call a family hanger, since it can present garments for any age range. Having many sizes, you can choose the one that best fits the waist of the garment to be presented, preventing the hanger to overflow.

To allow displaying skirts and belts together, the PF model has a large belt holder that offers the possibility to present these garments in combination with their ideal complement.

The PF model can be fully adapted to your needs and your establishment as it is possible to choose it in a wide variety of colours and also has an area specially designed to be able to place your logo or any other graphic element that you consider on it.

The PF model can be considered to have maximum adaptability to your wishes since, in addition to all the features that have already been highlighted, the clips of this model are adjustable and, if that were not enough, there are two options of clips available and both are padded with a soft rubber to ensure excellent support of the garments while preventing the most delicate fabrics from being damaged.

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