The PRm model is a straight plastic hanger which design achieves a very robust construction, and its most important distinctive feature is that it has fixed clips at the ends that allow safe fastening of skirts.

To achieve maximum adaptation of the hanger to the garments to be presented on it so that both fit perfectly together, the PRm model offers several sizes from which to choose the most suitable for each case.

Length (mm)Width (mm)

An elegant presentation

When looking at the PRmmodel, it emphasizes that the fasteners that close the clips are made of metal, which, in addition, when combined with the hook make this hanger especially elegant, attractive, and modern.

If you consider that the metal hook is not enough for the PRm model to represent the style of your establishment, you can modify the colour of the hanger to your liking to achieve the effect you want and, if you would still like to customize it further, you can also include your logo or any other graphic element you want on its body.

The metal closures of the PRm clips are very intuitive in use as they only have to be moved up or down to allow the garment to be fastened on the clips. In addition, to allow a safe fastening of the garments and prevent them from slipping and falling, the inside of the clips are covered with small plastic teeth that secure them.