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PLASTICOS ERUM expands its activities in India with COFIDES funding

Madrid, December 21, 2012. COFIDES funds the purchase of a facility in India that will allow PLASTICS ERUM strengthen its presence in Asia. COFIDES provides this funding through the Fund for Overseas Investment for Small and Medium Enterprises (FONPYME), managed exclusively for the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness via the Secretariat of Commerce.

By Cofides has signed its CEO, Luis de Fuentes and the director of internal audit and control quality, Luis M ª Victoria. By PLASTIC ERUM has signed its administrator, Juan Manuel Erum.

After signing the agreement, the CEO of COFIDES, Luis Fuentes, said that “PLASTIC ERUM has a strong international presence and is an example for others SMEs wich starts its internationalization “. Also pointed out that “this project responds to the goals we have set for supporting the internationalization of SMEs”, because “companies that open new markets grow and become stronger its headquarters in Spain.”

PLASTICOS ERUM´s administrator commented that “since 1998 the Group has always been committed with the internationalization of the company and has based on that fact its growth plans.”

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