Erum group is looking into the possibility of using this material in some of its commercial products.

Polyaluminium is a material that helps to solve a problem by reducing the cost of disposing of polyethylene waste and aluminium from tetrapacks.

These packages can be recycled to create an impermeable polyaluminium aglomerate, which is highly resistant to harsh conditions and to bending. It is also an effective sound and heat proofing material, hence its common use for roof tile manufacturing.

However, polyaluminium can also be used in injection processes, because it combines extremely well with polyethylene and polypropylene.This versatility makes it useful in a number of fields for creating different everyday objects and products, one of which is hangers.

The percentage of aluminium (between four and eight per cent) improves mechanical resistance while giving the product an attractive glossy look.

This process not only solves a problem but also provides industry with a new material which was previously considered waste and which is now an alternative raw material for companies that use plastic materials.