The C30 is a curved plastic hanger, its style comes from the most traditional tailoring and allows an excellent presentation of blazers, jackets and coats making these garments stand out in a special way.

The C30 hanger can be excellently adapted to your needs by the wide variety of sizes in which it is available.

Length (mm)Width (mm)

The features of the CS model make it the ideal choice to present blazers, jackets or coats because it has a strong structure that enhances the patterns of this type of garments.

The CS model adapts very well to your needs, as it not only fits perfectly to the garment that will be placed on it, but also to your establishment, since it has a special area in the front that allows to place a label with your logo on it or any other image you want.

Its versatility will allow you to choose between a wide variety of colours and finishes that will permit you to make the hanger fully adapt to your desires, making it an ideal choice to make your establishment have unique hangers.