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We are a world leader in the retail market, manufacturing hangers for the main brands around the world.

We produce plastic, wood and metal hangers next to the garment suppliers to facilitate and streamline the process, together with the client, to get an easier and faster process, reducing thanks to the economy of proximity, our carbon footprint.

We develop our hangers under Eco-design parameters, based on circular Economy. We consider the use of 100% compostable or biodegradable new materials, when it is not possible to use recovered material, avoiding the generation of virgin material.

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We have the ISO/TS 16.949 certification for the automotive sector as well as the ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.

This success is the completion of a project that began in 2015 and that allows us to continue advancing in the specialization of high added value products in the automotive sector.

ISO TS / IATF 16949 is considered the most widely used international standard for quality management systems in the automotive industry. It certifies that we manufacture quality products for this demanding sector.


At Erum Packaging we have been working since 2010 on the recycling and reuse of cardboard and related packaging elements such as paper.

Concerned about covering all the elements connected to circularity, packaging is one of the industries generating the most waste, and with the highest environmental cost involved.

For each ton of recycled cardboard, we save 140 liters of oil, 50,000 liters of water, and 900 kilos of carbon dioxide, compared to cardboard that is obtained in a traditional way.


Being at the vanguard of technology allows us to optimize processes, reducing both material used and injection times to a minimum.

Our commitment with Eco-designing, the constant investment in R+T+2D and continuous collaborations with the main technological centers make Erum Group a benchmark in the plastic injection field.

  • Eco-design
  • R+T+2D
  • Engineering
  • Analysis and 3D printing


Erum Group is expert in rapid prototyping technologies such as 3D Printing, Prototype Moulds, Silicone Moulds and CNC machining thanks to our engineering and tooling/mould making team.

We carry out feasibility studies, quality and production speed tests so we can provide all the guarantees before we end up with moulds for mass production.

In addition, each project for manufacturing plastic parts is accompanied by the implementation of a customized automation, in order to increase productivity, and also to reduce cycles, costs and human intervention in jobs requiring a more intense effort.


Transformation of plastics into functional and environmentally friendly products is in our DNA. In our production facilities located in Alcoy and Morocco we have 20 injection machines of 500 and 600 tons as well as employees for manufacturing and post-injection processes.

  • Conventional moulds
  • 2k and 3k moulds
  • Assemblies
  • Co-Injection Moulds
  • HEAT & COOL technology
  • Plastic Painting
  • 6-axis robots and process automation
  • Artificial vision
  • Laser cutting
  • Gas injection