Ecodesign as a product philosophy

Better properties,

At Erum Group we consider each project in its entirety, offering customized solutions based on ecodesign standards. These are implemented from the first design and development throughout the production. Our warehouses and logistics network guarantee fast and efficient deliveries to our customers.

In addition, we are experts in solutions and development of 100% environmentally responsible products.


Low impact materials

At Erum we strive to minimize the environmental impact of the materials used in our products. We do so by avoiding the use of toxic and dangerous materials and substances, reducing surface treatments, using renewable, recycled and recyclable materials, and having a positive impact on society.

Improve the product concept

We focus on the functionality of the product. In this way, we discuss the concept of the product and the needs it covers, and we arrive at new, more sustainable and innovative products that fulfill the same function and offer new solutions to the needs of our users.

Optimization of the production process

We try to achieve more efficient production processes and/or with less environmental impact, it is what is known as Clean Production. Our actions in this regard are as follows:

  • We reduce the number of production stages.
  • We opt for renewable or cleaner energy sources in processing, reducing as much as possible the use of fossil fuels.
  • We choose more efficient production processes, that is, with less waste production, fewer emissions, better use of raw materials, etc.
  • We train and educate staff to make responsible energy use.
  • Reintroduce production waste into the production process, that is, recycle production waste “in situ”.

Optimization of distribution systems

At Erum we also care about transporting/distributing products in the most efficient way possible:

  • We reduce packaging; thinking about reuse, whenever possible. 
  • We select efficient transport systems.
  • We design products in order to optimize and reduce their total volume in transportation.

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