The shorter definition of the AUb model would lead us to say that it is a straight plastic hanger with bar, but the AUb model is much more than that since it has been designed to cover a wide range of needs and, therefore, is able to present in an optimal way a vast variety of garments ranging from shirts to hoodies, to jackets, pyjamas, dresses or trousers.

As the main reason for its creation is versatility, as it could not be otherwise, the AUb model has several sizes to choose from that best suit your needs.

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The ambition of a hanger

One of the features that allows the AUb model to meet the high expectations with which it was created, is the bar that it has at the bottom, which makes it possible to place a pair of trousers on it and present at the same time combined garments.
This bar connects to the rest of the hanger describing a very smooth rounded line as it is not an addition, but joins the top uninterruptedly, forming a single body with it.


The AUb model also has long notches on the top of the body of the hanger that allow a soft fastening of garments with straps. Because of their size, they allow a wide range of strap thicknesses to rest comfortably, favouring the presentation of all of them, since it prevents unwanted wrinkles or folds when presenting the garment on the hanger.

The AUb model can be modified and customized in various ways to cover any type of need. Thus, clips can be incorporated onto its bar, which allows hanging skirts. But it can also be modified aesthetically as it has an area on the neck where you can include your logo, in addition to allowing you to choose from a wide variety of colours for the overall body of the hanger.

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