The NG03 is the most versatile and multifunctional of all tailoring models as it is designed to attractively present a wide range of garments ranging from jackets to shirts to T-shirts, dresses or garments with suspenders.

Being such a multifunctional model, it does not require a wide range of sizes from which to choose the most suitable one and therefore is only available in one.

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When talking about the NG03 model, what stands out most is its wide range of possible uses that could lead to thinking that it will not highlight the garments that are put on it, but nothing further from reality since each of the elements of its design are designed so that that diversity of functions does not detract from the final result.


The first feature to highlight of the NG03 model are the straps that it has on both arms that allow presenting in a much more suitable way garments with straps, providing you with the proper support. These straps, in turn, are wide enough to prevent other garments that do not need them, wrinkling up and they rest on it with ease.

Another feature of the NG03 model is that it is a curved plastic hanger, aligned with the most classic tailoring models with shaped shoulders that provide excellent support to the garment and show it off in a particularly attractive way, but, on the other hand, its narrow profile makes it especially multifunctional.

The NG03 is not only versatile, but also allows great adaptability as it is available with various finishes and colours and has an area specially designed to allow the inclusion of your logo or any other graphic element.

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