The V21mbf is a curved plastic hanger that has a low foam bar at the bottom and has shaped shoulders to give better support to the garments, making them displayed in a much more attractive way.

The design of the V21mbf model has taken care of the last detail, which you can discover as you move forward on this page, and, among those details, we investigated what would the ideal size be so that it could perfectly present a wide variety of garments.

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Every detail counts

The V21mbf’s careful design makes it the ideal hanger to showcase a wide variety of garments, including shirts, hoodies, jackets, pyjamas, dresses, trousers or T-shirts allowing all of them to show their full potential and be as attractive as possible.


Located in the lower part of the V21mbf model there is a bar that allows to show combined garments on this hanger by offering the possibility to place trousers on it and, to prevent them from slipping, in addition to being able to add different finishes to this bar, you can place a rubber cord on the hooks that you have arranged for this purpose on both sides of it.

The V21mbf model is also able to fully adapt to the aesthetics or style of its establishment since it can be chosen in the colour that best fits in this environment or, thanks to the space available in its neck and especially intended for it, can include its logo or any other graphic element that you want on it.
Under the neck of the V21mbf model, you can see that this hanger has an integrated connector that allows to join several hangers, increasing the possibility of joint garments that can be presented on it. In addition, this connector can also be used in any other situation where multiple hangers and therefore garments are to be held together, or to optimize the space available when transporting the garments or storing them in the warehouse.

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