The V21Z allows a wide variety of garments to be presented in the most attractive way possible, including shirts, hoodies, jackets, pyjamas, dresses, trousers and T-shirts. This versatility is achieved thanks to being a curved plastic hanger with low bar that follows, as a whole, a smooth and continuous line.

In designing of the V21Z model, it was thought of the possibility of creating several sizes for it, but, finding that a single size was suitable for this hanger to fulfil all its tasks, that idea was disregarded.



Surprisingly functional.

The arms of the V21Z are shaped and, as the shoulders are wider at the ends compared to the central part of the hanger, the garments placed on it will achieve excellent support, which makes their presentation very attractive. In addition, underneath these arms, there are notches that allow garments with straps to obtain an extraordinary support.


The V21Z is a very special hanger as it has a hook under its neck to be used as a hanger connector, allowing to join several hangers and, therefore, show many more garments combined. Although that is not the only utility of this hitch, since it can be used during the transport of the garments or when being organized in the warehouse to create batches of garments that must be together maintaining that connection and even optimizing the available space.

The V21Z has a bar at the bottom of its body that allows it to present combined garments. On one hand, they can be combined with trousers, adding them directly on this bar, but you can also place skirts on it since there is the possibility of adding clips on the bar. On the other hand, and to prevent the trousers that appear on it from slipping, at both ends of this bar there are small hooks that allow to place a rubber cord that ensures the perfect support of these garments.
The V21Z can be configured exactly according to your wishes to fit perfectly in your establishment, since you can choose the colour you want and, in addition, it can be customized with your brand or any other graphic element that you want to place on it thanks to the area located on its neck specially designed for this purpose.

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