Plásticos Erum is a company dedicated to the Design, injection, and assembly of plastic parts. The main production center and headquarters are in Alcoy, providing service to all production, commercial and logistical activities within the international scope of the company. .

Plásticos Erum within its concern for quality of service and for sustainable development, is committed to maintain the quality and environmental management system implemented in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards that guarantees continuous improvement of all activities.

Pl├ísticos Erum’s priority is to reach the required quality so that full customer satisfaction is achieved.

The company takes care of training and necessary awareness to achieve their staffÔÇÖs integration in the systems and have implemented selective waste collection that allows to re-value them.

The company defines annual objectives based on the following principles:

  • Innovation and product development.
  • Sustainable growth and continuous improvement of the company by monitoring the performance of the environmental indicator processes, analysing risks and opportunities and controlling significative environmental aspects.
  • Optimization of the consumption of raw materials and natural resources.
  • Environmental protection based on the prevention of pollution that might be generated because of the activity.
  • Improvement in delivery dates and in the overall product quality.

Plásticos Erum is committed to strict compliance with legal requirements regarding the environment and with product requirements, others subscribed by the company and those derived from the needs and expectations of all interested parties.

We strive to leave a better future,

It┬┤s our way of doing things

Under our ISO 9001 certificate we demonstrate our ability to provide products that meet the regulatory and our customer’s requirements.

Under SA8000 standard we certify that we apply socially responsible practices in the workplace.

The Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001 allows us to ensure the sustainability of our production process and general activity.

The IATF 16949:2016 certification accredits the implementation of our management system based on continuous improvement for manufacturing automotive parts.

Our Zero Waste certificate certifies the recovery of all the different fractions of waste that we generate, thus avoiding landfill as final destination.

REACH is a regulation concerning registration, evaluation, authorisation, and restriction of chemicals, that ensures the protection of the environment and human health against the risk of using certain chemical substances.s.

Innovative SME which certifies that we have our own patents, demonstrating the innovative nature of our activity

We calculate our Carbon Footprint according to ISO14064 and we set annual emission reduction targets.


ISO 9100 certifies compliance with the specific requirements for the aerospace and defence industry.

The ISO 50001 certificate guarantees that we comply with an optimized system for the correct and responsible use of energy. Year 20

Ecodesign Management. ISO 14006:2011 integration of environmental aspects in the design and development of the product with the objective to reduce the adverse environmental impacts along the life cycle of a product. Year: 2020

Traceability requirements. Minimum composition 20% recycled material. Year: 2020

SO 14046 is the first international standard on the Water Footprint and establishes principles and requirements for conducting an assessment of the water footprint of both products and processes and also organizations, based on the analysis of their life cycle. Year: 2021



For more than 30 years we have been in a continuous process of internationalization, delivering full service to our customers, accompanying them, and even anticipating where they may need us.

All our facilities have the most pioneering control teams covering all the production process, being able to obtain constant improvements with the support of the best partners in terms of certifications, in order to advance in the quality of our products and processes.