Social Responsability

SA8000 certification is a international management systems standard that is modeled after the ISO standards. It sets a high bar for facilities seeking to gain and maintain certification by requiring them to go beyond simple compliance to the standard. Instead, prospective facilities must integrate SA8000 into their management practices and demonstrate ongoing compliance with the standard’s criteria.
Based on the principles of international human rights norms, SA8000 is designed to ensure decent working conditions, including prohibiting child labor and forced labor, promoting workplace safety and health, protecting freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, preventing discrimination, and regulating discipline, remuneration, working hours, and HR management systems.
Compliance with SA8000 requires attention and participation from all stakeholders, including the management, top management, employees, suppliers, sub-suppliers, and customers. As a socially responsible factory with a strong commitment to sustainability, we place a high priority on social responsibility and ensure that our working conditions are fair and just.
We take a proactive approach to social responsibility by regularly auditing our factory and strictly following all social compliances. Specifically, we are committed to eliminating child labor and forced labor, ensuring health and safety for all workers, promoting free association and collective bargaining, preventing discrimination, and regulating disciplinary practices, working hours, and compensation. At our factory, social responsibility is not just a requirement, it is a fundamental value that guides our actions and decisions every day.