“Return to source” A project that unites us to the world

“Return to source” A project that unites us to the world

Everyone should have expectations, projects and, of course, hopes, especially if they can do their bit to make the world and society a better place. Why not turn these desires into real actions in our daily lives? Overcoming adversities, challenges and rethinking what has been established is what has united the team at Erum to become trendsetters in environmental projects as innovative as ERUM RTS.

At Erum we know for sure that moving towards the future with the objective of caring for our planet means humanising our company and making it a part of these dreams that unite all of us who form part of this great family. 

Our daily work contributes to preventing the generation of plastic waste and other materials, thus helping to make this world, our world, the best gift we can leave to our children.

If you read on, you will learn how we have channelled our energy and strength into making this project a reality, turning Erum Group into a fundamental agent of the social change that is taking place. We work hard every day to carry out our activity in a more sustainable and environmentally responsible way, and we transmit this effort to all the stakeholders with whom we interact: customers, suppliers, public administrations and, of course, society in general. 

¿What is “Return to source”?

Return To Source is not just another project, it is the project that represents the new economy that this society needs, a circular economy, an economy that optimises the use of resources much better. This is an innovative project that consists of reusing and recycling hangers and other plastic, metal and cardboard materials so that they can be reused, thereby generating the circular economy of plastic materials.


Since we started in 2019 and coinciding with the opening of our new facilities in Europe, Asia and America, we have managed to introduce more than 90% of recycled material to create new products mainly for the textile sector.


What do we achieve with the RTS project?

This paradigmatic recycling process is part of our deepest hope that our work will contribute to the fact that plastic will continue to be a fundamental material for sectors such as health, safety, automotive, food, electronics, etc. and that we can have a more sustainable future without waste.  

With this project we manage to give a twist to this material, so essential in our lives, as well as usable, as long as we want to get the most out of it, thus contributing to environmental care.

Phases of the RTD project

This project, which has a long history, has three clearly defined stages that ensure that we never lose track of where we are and where we want to go. These stages make Erum Group a leader in the pursuit of sustainable thermoplastic injection moulding. What are these phases?

1. Collection

Thanks to our customers and their collaboration with this project, we collect from their distribution centres 100% of the thermoplastic material and other types of material that has already been used, such as pallets, markers, cardboard, films, packaging and transport elements, among others.

2. Classification

Through sorting in our innovative sorting centres, we reuse and/or repair all this material, which we have previously collected from our customers. The most representative example is the case of hangers, in which we separate those that are suitable, on one hand, by sending them back to the garment manufacturers, and we proceed to recycle those that are damaged and cannot fulfil the function for which they were manufactured.

3. Recycling/Processing


Those hangers that have been separated and cannot be reused due to their poor condition are recycled. This is how we manage to recover the plastic material and generate other products suitable for use in household goods, cosmetics, the automotive sector and other industries.

By following these three phases, we close the circle of plastic consumption by obtaining a certificate with the origins, qualities and useful life of this wise material that is capable of complying with the strictest traceability standards and contributing to the care of the environment.

Now we only need you. To join this project in your daily life, to know that the principles on which the RTS project is based (respect for the environment and care for products to extend their useful life) can also be applied at home, extending the useful life of the products you use on a daily basis.  RTS does not only mean Return To Source, it also means Rethinking and Transforming Sustainability, which is what we do every day at Erum. 

If companies and individuals put all our hopes in achieving a better world to live in, do you think we can’t achieve it? WE CERTAINLY CAN!

Turn our “PROJECT” into your “PROJECT”