Reverse logistics: closing the green circle

Reverse logistics: closing the green circle

Our working methods are more than just mere procedures written down on paper. The different innovations incorporated year after year allow us to develop an economic activity in line with the environment. In the following article you will discover how Erum Group has achieved, with a lot of effort and tenacity, that the objective of its day to day work is to take care of our planet.


What is reverse logistics?

The transformation towards sustainability would not make sense if it were only us who were part of this great project. The best thing about our pioneering RTS (Return To Source) programme is that it is a global project that has revolutionised the way we understand the manufacture and management of plastics through SUSTAINABILITY in capital letters.

Reverse logistics plays a key role in this circular economy. Our logistics centres offer new, repaired and/or recovered products to our customers. Once they have been used, in other words, their useful life has ended, we collect them so that they can re-enter the production chain.

How do we work with reserve logistics?

Having sorting centres in different parts of the world such as China, India, Turkey, Poland, Indonesia, Morocco, USA, among others, allows us to collect and reclassify 100% of the Postindustrial and Postconsumer material such as hangers, boxes, fabric offcuts, etc.

Thanks to the distribution of Erum’s philosophy throughout the world, together with our reverse logistics approach, we close the circle by depositing this material in our centres for its subsequent classification and reconditioning, either through recycling or repair.

By recovering this material for industry and then consuming it through recycling, we are able to keep it within the circle, thereby proving that our “7 R’s” methodology really works.


Circular economy and reverse logistics

This way of understanding logistics would not be possible if we did not combine our economic and human efforts in ECO SMART R&D&I, also known as ECODESIGN.

We work together with technological institutes to set up projects that achieve products that can enter into the circular economy and therefore reach our goal of ZERO WASTE.

Working with eco-sustainably designed products facilitates the management of their reuse, making products part of the circular economy from the moment they are created.

Reasons to invest in reverse logistics

Having a clear vision of where we are and where we want to go has always been one of the values that has allowed us to achieve environmental care with our business activity. Working with companies such as Inditex on the Green To Pack project, among other projects, makes our daily work a clear commitment to a future without waste.

Through Ecodesign, Industrial Ecology, Circular Economy and Reverse Logistics, we manage to recycle and remanufacture countless products that other companies consider unusable.

Thinking about durability through reuse is a clear commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and the enormous environmental impact this waste has on our planet.

The role of business in society is crucial and it is essential to raise awareness.

It is essential that companies are aware of the essential role that our productive activity plays in society and how, through sustainability and the promotion of the circular economy, we can significantly reduce the negative effects resulting from production, ensuring a future for generations to come.