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Once again, engineers have taken their inspiration from nature to develop new materials. In this case they have observed the lotus flower, which is able to keep itself looking in pristine condition. It is always clean because its leaves are water repellent. Drops of water become spherical when they come into contact with the surface and slide away, taking all particles of dirt in their path along with them.

Water repellent and self-cleaning properties are desirable in plastics, and with its NANOCLEAN project, the company has been carrying out into synthetic techniques for creating nanostructures with these characteristics. The idea is to create a water-repellent plastic for use in the car industry.

So far, the prototypes obtained have wettability and self-cleaning properties, as well as certain optical effects that can be used in other applications. It is hoped that this product will be useful in passenger and industrial vehicles. There may also be applications in biomedicine, electronics and electrical appliances.

The technical and automobile part division of Erum Group is interested in the results of these tests, particularly the mould built for a thick vehicle sides with recently created technologies. The water repellent and self-cleaning properties of this product are superior to those of a self-cleaning vehicle part in wide use. Durability tests have confirmed compliance with sector regulations, as have trials to evaluate the potential for wider application of these technologies.

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