News Nuevos materiales


Erum group is looking at the technical and economic viability of using a new material in parts for the car industry and to create an exclusive new range of hangers. The project is still in the design stage.

This is metallic glass, an alloy of zircon, nickel, titanium and copper, which looks just like regular metal but which can be moulded like plastic. It is both economical and versatile.  The new material can be used to create complex shapes in the same way as plastic, while still providing the strength and durability of metal.

Strength and resistance are very difficult to achieve in the same material, but this form of glass provides both. What makes this material different is the inclusion of palladium, a rigid, resistant material that can make other materials tougher and more resistant than even steel.

These new types of metallic glass are superior to typical metals and plastics and, given how easy they can be combined and their low price and moulding possibilities, they could mean a revolution in the industrial world.

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