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The Plastic Technology Institute (Instituto Tecnológico del Plástico (AIMPLAS), as part of its campaign to publicise its success stories, has interviewed Blanca Erum, assistant to the General Management of Erum Group, which you can see in this video.

The project being carried out jointly by the parties consisted of manufacturing garment hangers that are kinder to the environment using gas assisted technology. One of the outcomes proposed is to reduce plastic waste by producing hangers that contain a smaller amount of this material and which cost less but which are still fit for their purpose.

The success stories feature the work done by leading companies set the bar for the world’s industry thanks to their efforts to adopt and develop innovative technologies. These companies are an example of the potential of innovation applied to business. By spreading the news about these successful products, the institute aims to encourage and raise awareness among other companies of the power of innovation as a driving force to achieve success and prosperity.

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