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The Director General for employment and work placement visits Erum

On 17 September, the Director General for Employment and Work Placement from the Valencia Employment and Training Service (SERVEF), Gonzalo Alabau, met managers from Erum group as part of a round of contacts with senior figures from the Education, Training and Employment department and regional companies to explain the different grants available for hiring unemployed people.

Gonzalo Alabau believes that hiring recently-qualified young people is one of the best strategies for companies wanting to become more competitive and productive.

During the meeting, the director general presented the new initiative, which gives recently and professionally qualified young people aged from 18 to 25 years with little or no work experience the opportunity to do “no labour placements”. These placements are expected to last between three and nine months, during which time the young people receive a support grant from the company, which is at least 80% of the monthly multiplier effect on index of revenue (IPREM) and a certificate.

The regional director also took the opportunity to present the government’s various strategies for promoting stable employment for people with disabilities, the long-term unemployed, women and especially young people, a group for which the regional government is developing some very specific programmes, such as the Youth Employment Plan.


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